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Walk through Fire to Achieve Top Level Burn-ability!

A long time ago I found it priceless to be able to lose myself and then search endlessly until i'd find myself again and I would be in the middle of a Fire Storm. In the midst of creation we can never forget that we are an original and nothing to be snipped at. We are all Holy. We are all Stars.

The world had tried to program us to be beneath our potential. A System of Illusion and Confusion to control and enslave has been put in place for a long time.

We are awoken and will continue to wake up.

We Will be happy and we Will rejoice life.

But we will fight and join together to fight that which tried to divide and conquer us.

We must be one to defeat that which tries to divide.

Understanding how we are truly one is the Key to All Life.

Can we Achieve Unity?

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