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Projects & Plans for the Future

The Future is bright with possibilities and we strive to make changes for the better. Here I will discuss our vision and present a layout of our RoadMap for goals moving forward. Being part of "The Drifting Hobo Army" is more about you than it is us. We will stand together to make the future Brighter and Better for All. We Love Love and Love for All is the Mantra.


Coming soon! Token Creation and Usage to Start... It's a Process

Our token is not meant to be some store of value at this time... it is not an investment. It is not shares in the company etc. It will be instead considered a token to receive and be eligible for exclusive content and merch. It will also be a way to support the vision of the company to achieve its goals set out in the Road Map below.

Progress - Copy_edited.jpg

NFTs!!! Our Art Collection and NFT Auctions will be coming soon!

Info will be updated as dates are set.


All people who purchase the NFTs will be able to receive the Official Company Tokens. Which will in turn be used to claim future exclusive content and merch.


Road Map of The Drifting Hobos

Drifting Hobo Co. has a big desire to create something unique and original in a world of many creations. We strive to be Bigger and Better to ensure everything in the future is also Better. It starts with working together for a common goal but we are still quite early in our Journey. Please help be a part of something that can touch everyone and enrich the lives of all around us.

Mile Marker 1: Creation and Launch of the Token. NFTs & The Road Map

Mile Marker 2: Our Creative Endeavors for Entertainment.

Part 1. Create and publish a Graphic Novel/ Script that in turn will be made into a Movie or TV series and VR/Video Games. Along with other Creative endeavors and ideas to help individuals express themselves.

Part 2. Create a Website/Channel/Studio to Create original content. Live Streaming and pre recorder content creators via Radio, Vlog & An Ongoing Comedy show/s that will continuously present new and lesser-known musical acts that are so hard to find today from what the Main-Stream promotes.

Mile Marker 3: Set up a Help the Homeless Fund where a Percentage of all proceeds and profits made will go back to helping people in need in the USA and Across the World. With great power comes great responsibility and We intend to give back as much as we can. But we need the help of growth in the microcosm to even begin to be big enough to help the Macro.

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